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The city that you choose as a business foundation has much to do with how your venture turns out in the long haul. Therefore, choosing the right base is the foremost principle that successful business owners often abide by.

So, if you have decided to expand your business to the UAE, or maybe you are reviewing over the idea of starting a new one. Congratulations, you’ve made the right choice – the country offers many corporate advantages.

The UAE has proved how resilience and commitment can turn a little-known country into an economic, tourist and commercial powerhouse for the world’s population to live, work and visit.

Considered as the “gateway to the world, the United Arab Emirates is one of the most popular countries in the world to setup new businesses. UAE is blessed with a geographic location that has facilitated easy connections, business networking and access to trade. Efficient road, air and sea connections, high subsidies, a professional environment and the presence of world’s best talent makes the UAE an attractive hub for businesses wanting a base for their Middle East operations and further expansion.

In addition, the updated visa and labour reforms have added to its versatility as a popular destination for startups, organizations, and millionaires. Dubai has turned into a global enterprise. For overseas companies looking to set up their business in Dubai, the emirate’s 22 specially designed free zones allow for out-of-the-box company formation, as well as 100% foreign ownership, zero import duties and 100% repatriation of company profits.

If you are considering starting your business in the UAE, here are the 5 outstanding reasons why UAE should be the number one destination on your list.


The 10-year Golden Residency Visa is an example of how keen UAE is to retain talent and attract foreign professionals and encourage them to settle here. This is a great boost for entrepreneurs from all over the world.


The UAE is home to a wide range of cultural and economic variations, has a stable and enabling political system which allows over 200 nationalities to coexist together and thrive, making it the world’s top destination for company formation.


United Arab Emirates is supportive of foreign investment. The investor-friendly business policies make for an easier experience setting up a company even for the newest of foreigners, as the government itself encourages new business for their economic growth! Thanks to the business jurisdiction of the UAE’s existing laws (Mainland, Free zone, & Offshore), there are numerous benefits for investors who set up their businesses in the country.


Tax-free investments makes UAE a popular destination. Until recently, the country was known for having zero corporate tax for most businesses. However, there will be a 9% corporate tax for firms that are making a profit of up to AED 375k.


UAE has been quoted as the country with the highest security parameters in Asian and Pacific countries. Over the years, the country has become a financial and economic powerhouse because of its abundance of opportunities for businesses of all kinds to thrive. All these factors contribute to the UAE being a perfect choice for business setup.

Ease of access, streamlined visa process, less paperwork, open and welcoming society, world-class technology infrastructure, supportive government, and visionary leadership – all the ingredients required for successful business are strategically placed here. With all these factors, it’s easily acceptable how being a desirable tourist attraction, many tourists visit Dubai but end up setting up a business here, which isn’t the case for other tourist sites. Our insider knowledge allows us to provide an expert solution for company formation – whether it’s free zone, mainland or offshore.

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