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Hungary (Europe)



Hungary is a small country, but has so much to show you. It has a language and culture completely different from its neighbours in Central Eastern Europe and many unique sights and attractions. It can be said that ours is a land of great contrasts.

Although Hungary is a landlocked country, it is a land of waters, featuring the largest lake in Europe, and crisscrossed by mighty rivers which divide and define its regions. Even the capital city Budapest can be divided into Buda on one side of the Danube River and Pest on the other. In addition, Hungary has more than a thousand thermal water springs, and bathing in these waters for relaxation or as part medical treatments, is an important part of the Hungarian Lifestyle.


Hungary has a culture like no other. Its very distinct language is unrelated to that of any surrounding countries, a fact which has helped Hungary’s culture retain a distinct flavour all of its own, despite the country’s relatively small size. Its rich and diverse folk heritage can be seen at informative museums and well-preserved architectural treasures, many of which have world heritage status.

However this is a culture kept very much alive in the traditions, music and dance forms still maintained today across our nation. However Hungary does not live in the past, and it is worth noting the wealth of cultural attractions, both classical and contemporary that are on offer here.


Cities & Regions

There's so much to see in Hungary, it could fill a multitude of visit. Here are some of the best: 

Budapest, the capital and largest city by far, is alive day and night with cultural attractions, sights and a vivid lifestyle to compete with many other far larger European cities.

Balaton - the largest lake in Hungary is only 100km from Budapest, and many Budapesters have summer houses there.

Eger is known for the fighting spirit of the people in a famous siege, it’s “Bull’s Blood” red wine and blessed with nearby thermal Salt Hills.

Szeged, on the banks of the Tisza river, Hungary’s “other major river” is responsible for some of the country’s best food products, such as spicy fish soup.

Hévíz has the only thermal lake in the regions, where people come to enjoy the warm waters for pleasure or medicinal purposes, in the great outdoors, as the waters never drop below 23 degrees C, even in the winter.

Pécs, home of an ancient university dating to 1367, and still bearing marks of the Turkish occupations, is a fascinating place to visit.



Hungary Immigration Services

We offer expert advice and representation in relation to Hungary Residency Permit to individuals and businesses.

Our partners are regulated by the Budapest Bar Chamber. This means that we are able to assist clients from basic applications to the most complicated appeals and reviews.

We are committed to making the process as fast and straightforward as possible, thereby ensuring that you can enjoy the best advice and peace of mind at affordable prices. When we submit a residence application, it carries the highest possible chance of success.

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