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Watch: GNICE answers your queries about start-up and innovator visa to enter UK.

Dubai: New immigration routes have opened for applicants to work, live and study in the United Kingdom, following Brexit.

Speaking at the three-day Gulf News Immigration and Citizenship Exhibition (GNICE), which concluded in Dubai on Thursday, Ramit K Mandhwani from Dubai-based

Capprricorn Advisors LLC gave a low-down on UK’s points-based immigration system. He also explained how skilled workers can avail of the points-based system and for students to get a graduate visa that can give them permission to stay in UK for at least two years after successfully completing a course in the country.

How points are awarded

Mandhwani said the prospective immigrant should get a job offer at the right skill level with minimum salary threshold, must have English proficiency and the requisite educational qualification. The applicant must be paid at least £25,600 (Dh126,394) and in line with set amounts for particular jobs in the UK’s four nations (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland).

Visa options

There are also several visa options to enter UK, including startup visa, innovator visa, sole representatives of overseas business, global talent visa and investor visa.

Mandhwani noted: “To apply for a start-up visa, the applicant must be endorsed by an authorised body that is either a UK higher education institution or a business organisation with a history of supporting UK entrepreneurs.”

The applicant must also be able to show that the business idea is a new idea or different from anything else in the market. It must be innovative and viable.

Holders of start-up visa can stay in UK for two years. They can also work in another job, travel abroad and return to the UK and bring their partner and children — if they’re eligible — as dependents. One can also switch to a start-up visa from some other visa categories, according to Capprricorn Advisors LLC.

Start-up visa holders, however, cannot apply for most benefits (public funds) or state pension. They cannot also work as a professional sportsperson or coach or settle in the UK on this visa alone.

Among the required documents are endorsement letter, valid passport, bank statement, proof of English language proficiency.

Innovator visa

Prospective immigrants can apply for innovator visas if they want to set up or run a business in UK. They must also be from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland and must meet other eligibility requirements. The business or business idea must be endorsed by an approved body.

Funds needed must be at least £50,000 in investment. It is not needed if the business is already established and has been endorsed for an earlier visa or the applicant has changed the business and already approved by the endorsing body. The applicant must be able to show that the business idea is new, innovative and viable with potential for growth.

Capprricorn Advisors LLC said the earliest one can apply for an innovator visa is three months before the travel date and applicants should get a decision of visa application within three weeks after they applied from outside UK.

Holders of innovators visa can stay in UK for three years.

Application assistance

Capprricorn Advisors LLC, with its presence across the UAE, Bahrain, Georgia, India, UK and soon expanding its operations in Oman and Pakistan, said they can provide assistance with all kinds of visa categories, including start-up visa, innovator visa, global talent visa, sole representative visa, and investor visa. The company said: “Our prime objective is to give professional advice to clients so that they can have stress-free immigration.”


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